Wednesday, December 7th, 7pm at Urban Stages, 259 West 30th Street, NYC

Wednesday, December 7th, 7pm at Urban Stages, 259 West 30th Street, NYC

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When we first meet Paulanne, Gretchen Reinhagen creates a good soul whom you feel like you know, and you begin to realize that she’s taking in as much information as she’s giving. Paulanne could be a caricature in the wrong hands, Ms. Reinhagen gives us her full humanity along with a key personality.” - Sherri Rase

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Gretchen Reinhagen sets the bar high with her new CD, Take It with Me. In doing so, she proves what everybody already knows—what a powerhouse she can be. ” - John Hoglund

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A performer widely known for her skill with comedy, Gretchen Reinhagen set the funny aside and put on her serious hat for her debut CD 'Take It With Me.' The versatile much more than a funny girl influenced by the comediennes who paved the way for a woman of her individuality and natural wit, as her maiden voyage into the recording studio proves. ...[Reinhagen's] technique as a singer and her inspiration as a storyteller afford her audience a sublimely artistic and surprisingly human journey, from start to finish.” - Stephen Mosher

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To view Gretchen's acting material including media clips and resume, visit the "About" page.

"Lately it seems that singer Gretchen Reinhagen’s name pops up most often with the word “director” attached, but in her continuing residency at Pangea the words “host” and “star” are more to the point."


"In recalling Kaye Ballard as an important influence, the talented Gretchen Reinhagen shares not only her idol's vocal quality but adds a valuable slant on the mercurial quality of fate. In between signature songs, she recounts Ballard's hardly-chopped-liver career but includes a number of tough-luck stories that make the oft-overlooked point that natural gifts aren't everything. The gift of good luck is also required. "The Village Voice ("Voice Choice" Critic's pick)


"I don't use this word often or casually, but Gretchen Reinhagen's show about Kaye Ballard is a triumph." - Cabaret Scenes


"This uplifting show is masterfully directed by Gretchen Reinhagen, who seemingly knows the heart of this woman so well she has crafted the act to showcase [Donna] Hayes at her very best."

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