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NEXT UP!!! Back at the Flea with TOSOS!!!

Visit TOSOS Chelsey/Chambers  Playwrights Project

Visit TOSOS Chelsey/Chambers Playwrights Project

Patricia Muldoon, a beloved, gay, mystery writer and theatre maven, is dying of cancer. So she invites her pandemic writer’s group living on the 19th floor for one ‘last great lesbian party’ with hopes to make her friends understand her desire to live out her life on her own terms. Gifts are exchanged, stories told, and friendships tested during a hilarious night of celebration bringing forth a morning revelation, a confession, and a final realization. 

​Directed and performed by a dynamite all-female team and featuring the talents of Denise Lute, Janice Hall, Sam Flynn, Heather Haddad Villaescusa, Michelle Best, Joan Porter, & Gretchen Reinhagen.

I'm so looking forward to this upcoming reading with a Company that I love and a play of which I'm honored to be a part. I've been reading and developing the role of Frankie in Billie Roe's beautiful ensemble piece, "The Nineteenth Floor" over the past year or two. Now we're taking it to it's next phase, a public reading. Billie has written a beautiful play, and a complex, strong, funny, and passionate woman in the role of Frankie. It's truly a thrill for me to get to tag along in this journey with Billie. The white box theater at The Flea will fill up VERY quickly, so I urge you to make a reservation if you'd like to join us.

A play by BILLIE ROE 

 ​ MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2023 at 7pm 


​ Tickets are free, however, event registration is required.

Latest work in progress

Our next performance will be an invited studio audience, as we workshop our next draft and look forward to establishing a run and tour of this show. Producers, Agents, Managers, Bookers, Industry Professionals one-and-all, and probably even my mother, are all invited. Reach out to Gretchen if you'd like to ensure your seat at the party.

Our sold out debut workshop performance of "How Musical Theater Ruined My Life" was a hit! Stay tuned for more information on upcoming performances, revisions, and all cool stuff like that. Just as soon as I pay the rent. Here's what a few folks had to say!

 "As an artist, Gretchen is one of the biggest risk-takers I know. Whether she's being funny or serious, she is always seeking the truth in her work, and not just in rehearsal. Watching her discover new things in performance is a joy, and I always come away feeling revitalized in my own creative process." 
- Mardie Millit, award winning artist, and one half of the power duo "Michael and Mardie"

" I thought the show was so so wonderful: entertaining, incredibly brave and personal but also something I think just about anyone can relate to." - Laurie Krauz, Multi-Award Winning Vocalist

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